15 tips to sleep better during the Covid 19 Lockdown.

Insomnia during Covid Lockdown?15 tips to fight it.

Do you find yourself turning in your bed till 3.am in the morning trying to fall asleep every night? Are you suffering from insomnia during covid lockdown?

Ever since the Covid 19 lockdown has started most of us have been staying inside our homes all day. This has impacted a lot on maintaining a good sleep cycle.

Here are 15 tips to help you fight insomnia during covid lockdown ..

15 tips to sleep better during the Covid 19 Lockdown.
Never struggle with falling asleep again. Read 15 tips to sleep better!

1.Avoid late night shows.

Although nothing seems more enjoyable than late night series but it is actually one of the major reasons why people stay awake at night. Thanks to the plethora of addictive shows, we forget how an hour long episode turns to an entire series. For a better sleep experience try to watch these show at daytime, or if at night then set a timer to remind you of your sleep time. You can thus avoid staying awake till wee hours of the morning and enjoy a sound sleep.

2.Wake up as soon as you are awake.

We often don’t realize but on the days we have to stay in at home (as during weekends or covid 19 lockdown) we tend to oversleep. this might actually be the reason for having insomnia during covid lockdown.
We tell ourselves just five more minutes of sleep but actually end up sleeping a couple of hours more. This affects the sleep cycle and makes it harder to fall asleep at night. So don’t forget setting up that alarm clock even though you are at home!

3. Expose yourself to natural light.

Our body also has a natural rhythm of sleep and awake cycle which is roughly the duration of one whole day. To allow the body to adapt to this cycle maximally, expose yourself to adequate natural light. Avoid dark curtains in your bed room that do not allow the morning light in. This can make a difference in when you wake up and ultimately when you fall asleep.

5. Find an Ikigai.

Ikigai is a Japanese word for finding something that you look forward to do in life. Finding something you love to do everyday, becomes very much necessary for our mental wellbeing specially in this testing times of the pandemic. So find something that makes you jump out of your bed everyday. This could be as simple as tending to your houseplants, creating a mini vegetable garden or creating a new recipe or writing poetry, anything that makes you look forward to the day ahead.

4. Stay away from your bed!

Yes! Soon as you wake up make your bed and say bye bye to your bed for the whole day. The bed should be used only for intimate moments or nighttime sleep . It might take some time getting used to fighting the temptation of lying idle on your bed but you’ll soon get used to it. So take your time and let the body fall back into natural cicardian rhythm.

6. Learn something new!

Yes, learning something new can help you sleep better. How? When you keep yourself busy by learning a task during the day time, you will tend to take lesser naps, and keep busy all day long. Taking naps can actually hamper your night time sleep by disrupting the sleep cycle. So use this time of lockdown to take a new course on something you always wanted to learn and get double benefits!

7. Meditate ur worries away

Stress could be an underlying cause for your sleepless nights. Reduce your stress by doing some mindful meditation. Meditation has actually been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity. Let go of the things that are not under your control, those things will only cramp you up. Focus on the positive things in life, your hopes and aspirations and things you are good at how ever insignificant it might seem to others.

8. Unwind Yourself.

No matter how your day goes, you should shrug it off, unwind and get yourself ready for a relaxing time in bed. Devote the time before your sleep to self care. Do that skin care regime, or pamper yourself with a warm relaxing bath. Make your bed every night and listen to some relaxing sleep music while you try to fall asleep.

9. Do some light aerobic exercise.

Light aerobic exercises will do you good by increase blood flow to your brain. It is also good for your heart health. Even 10 minutes of walking before sleep will help you fall asleep faster.

10. Watch your diet.

Diet plays a major role in our lifestyle and sleep cycle. Avoid eating too much and drinking too much liquids before sleep. So your don’t need to frequently visit the washroom. Also avoid sugary food or anything too much spicy. Eat fruits like banana and yoghurt or some dark chocolate.

11. Avoid caffeinated drinks and nicotine after seven.

Caffeine and nicotine affects the brains response with sleep and tends to keep you awake.These are stimulatory compounds which might even trigger insomnia for some people. So try to avoid intake of tea or coffee or smoking 3-4 hours before you go to bed.

12.Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Although some people might say drinking alcohol helps them sleep, studies have shown that alcohol negatively affects the sleep structure. Alcohol changes the normal stages of sleep cycle, which can result in nightmares or sleeplessness. So, try to stay away from drinking alcohol before sleep for a better sleep hygiene.

13. Limit your screentime.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices emit harmful radiations that affect your eye health and also your sleep. So try to limit use of mobile phone or backlit devices before bed. Stay away from them at least 1-2 hours before bed.

14. Read a few pages of book before sleep

This method is one of my favorite ways to fall asleep. Bed time stories are definitely there for a reason. Of course you shoud avoid reading from your mobile or electronic devices. Instead, just settle in with your favorite books and start enjoying the book. Before you know you’ll be fast asleep.

15. Set the environment.

Your room a favourable place for you to fall asleep. Use good quality mattress and regulate the temperature of your room. Keep away from loud noises. You can also try using a diffuser with essential oils for calmness.

16. Bonus!

Sometimes, just trying to hard and stressing on falling asleep can make us even more anxious. Any kind of stress can make insomnia during covid lockdown even worse. So, don’t overthink over falling asleep. Just relax and think about the good things. You will fall asleep in no time!

Thank you for reading!


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