Symptoms of hypothyroidism that shouldn’t be missed.

What is thyroid?

Thyroid Gland is a small butterfly shaped endocrine gland, that is present on both sides of the elevated area called Adam’s apple of our neck. While the Adams apple is more prominently seen in men, it can only be felt slightly in a women. Thyroid disorders,specially hypothyroidism, are quite common in women. So, there is a need to become aware about this medical condition and most common causes. Here, I will be sharing the commonly seen symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

symptoms of hypothyroidism
symptoms of hypothyroidism

What are disorders of thyroid?

Thyroid disorders can basically be of two types- 1) Hypothyroidism, and 2) Hyperthyroidism.

Often a lot of women suffer from decreased levels of thyroid hormone, but they rarely suspect it.


We can call someone is suffering from hypothyroidism, if due to any reason he/ she has been tested for serum TSH (serum levels of thyroid stimulating hormone), and has been found to have high levels of serum TSH.

Normal levels of Serum TSH will exclude hypothyroidism whatsoever.

What can be the causes of hypothyroidism?

The Causes of Hypothyroidism can be mainly which can be divided into

-1) Primary Hypothyroidism.

2) Secondary Hypothyroidism.

In the Primary causes: Iodine deficiency, Autoimmune disease and some Medicines are most common causes.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism:

Symptoms of hypothyroidism are often vague and may be dismissed by most women as to be due to weakness or lack of proper nutrition.

1) Fatigue and tiredness all the time:

The most common symptom seen in women.

2) Weight gain:

Seen due to water retention and deposition of substance in intercellular matrix.

3) Cold intolerance:

This means you might be feeling cooler than other people in the same room.

4) Menstrual abnormalities:

Periods might become irregular and scanty, or altogether stop for a long duration. Also rarely heavy bleeding can occur.

5) Infertility:

If a women is not able to conceive even after one year of trying, do visit your doctor for check up.

6) Hair loss without any other reason:

Hairloss upto 100 hairs per day is normal, more than that might be a signal of underlying disorder.

8) Constipation and irregular bowels.

Unexplained constipation and abdominal discomfort may be a symptom.

Also there might be loss of appetite and loss of weight.

7) Slowing of speech and shortness of breath.

There is a feeling of lethargy , due to decreased basal metabolic rate.

9) Decreased Heart rate and decrease in capacity to exercise.

You feel exhausted all the time, and any kind of physical work seems like draining all your energy.

10) Dry Coarse skin.

Inspite of using adequate skincare products, you are not able to get fully moisturized skin.

11) Puffiness around eyes and enlarged tongue.

This is due to deposition of substances like glycosaminoglycans in the intercellular matrix.

If you think you have some of these symptoms, please do check up and visit your doctor nearby.

Do share if you want to know about any other disease.

Thanks for reading!

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