20 Teas for Stress Relief that work like a charm!

Herbal teas can work wonders in relieving stress and anxiety. It’s extremely rejuvenating and helps elevate depressed mood. Here are 20 Teas for stress relieve that you must try!

1) Olive leaf infusion

Olive leaves and fruit

2) Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea

3) Lemongrass tea

Lemongrass oil

4) Mint Ginger tea

Mint ginger tea

5) Cinnamon cardamom tea

Cinnamon cardamom tea

6) Sacred Basil / Tulsi tea

Basil tea

7) Rose + Fennel tea

Rose fennel tea

8) Honey Clove tea

Honey green tea

9) Jasmine Green tea

Jasmine green tea

10) Turmeric Marigold tea

Turmeric marigold tea

11) Hibicus tea

Hibiscus flowers

12) Liquorice + Pepper

13) Butterfly Pea tea

14) Lavender tea

Lavender bloom

15) Ashwagandha and Citrus

16) Passionflower tea

Passion flower bloom

17) Lemon balm tea

18) Sour Cherry Vanilla tea

19) Valerian root

20) Thyme Eucalyptus tea

Thyme eucalyptus tea


21) Rooibos tea

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